Josh McCall Announces Candidacy to Defeat U.S. House Representative Doug Collins

School teacher Josh Mccall publicly declared his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives Monday evening, April 10. Speaking in front of the monthly meeting of the Hall County Democratic Party, McCall shared his campaign background, political philosophy, and what stirred him to attempt to claim the seat currently held by Representative Doug Collins.

In front of the largest gathering of the Democratic Party in recent memory, McCall declared, “My dream is the same dream as my parents. It is humble, but it is also bold. I want my children’s lives to be even better than mine.”

A career educator, McCall’s first foray into politics is a bold move in the historically Republican district. However, when Representative Collins ran unopposed on election day in 2016, the normally private citizen and family man decided to take action.

“If there is anything we learned from the recent election, it is that there is a crisis in our country. Every few years, we try and resolve this crisis by throwing the bums out. As it turns out, once we throw them out, we just replace them with more of the same, only with a different letter by their name.”

With the recent threat from the congressional majority to repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act, one of McCall’s primary focuses will be to achieve healthcare for all.

‘There is more to life than money, and every life is worth more than all the money ever minted. No matter the cost, we must realize what was written in the Declaration of Independence so long ago. We must say yes to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, in that order. Without life, liberty and happiness cannot exist. From birth to death, every American must have guaranteed access to life-saving health care without a price tag, because our lives are worth more than money.”

Seeing himself as a servant leader, McCall is willing to work across the aisle to find common ground to fix the growing divide between Americans. ‘While some are worried about a wall in the middle of the desert, there are much more terrifying walls springing up right here in our communities. That wall runs between white people and black people, between immigrants and those who were born here, between gay and straight, Christians and Muslims, and between men and women … We are here tonight to tear down these walls and build up our country, to work for a bigger dream.”

Josh lives in Gainesville, Georgia with his wife, attorney Jennifer McCall, and children Mia, Kate, and Abby. Georgia’s 9th congressional district includes the northeastern Georgia region. The 9th district seat was previously occupied by current Georgia governor, Nathan Deal, who originally held the office as a democrat.