Josh McCall Issues Statement Calling on Republican Lawmakers to Hold Trump Accountable

Building off his momentum following last week’s town hall discussion focused on the topic of healthcare, today, Josh McCall, candidate for Georgia’s 9th congressional district, issued a
statement in response to the revelation of Donald Trump’s mishandling of classified information with Russian foreign diplomats:

“Today, the Washington Post reported that our president, Donald Trump, revealed highly classified documents to the Russian diplomats visiting him in the Oval Office. Since the news came out, there has been almost total silence from the White House handlers. No doubt they are exhausted from trying to provide cover for his public and embarrassing meltdowns. After all, it was just this past Friday when he decided to fire James Comey, and they all had to scramble to give his actions a semblance of propriety. First, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who lied under oath about his contact with the Russians, wrote a letter recommending his removal even though he had supposedly recused himself from all matters
involving the blooming Russian scandal. It didn’t work, though: Mr. Trump’s trademark impulsiveness was on full display in an interview with NBC, where our president admitted to firing the FBI director because of the ‘Russia Thing.’

So it was an inconvenient week for Russia to dominate the news cycle again. Not only did the Russian ambassador joke about the recent firing, it now turns out that the biggest joke of all happened in the Oval Office, when Donald Trump revealed highly classified information concerning ISIS. Because of his whim, we now have allies who no longer trust us to protect the information they gather in dangerous circumstances. Our president’s behavior has become so troubling that many Republicans, including John McCain, have come out in favor of hiring a Special Prosecutor to handle the investigation into Trump’s Russia connections.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that Congressman Doug Collins do his job and reign in an Executive that is putting our security at risk. During the Clinton email fiasco, Mr. Collins relished in accusing Mrs. Clinton of betraying her country. He claimed that she was unfit for the Presidency because she shared emails over a private server. During the campaign season, we could assume that this was Mr. Collins’ conviction. After all, it was a fair argument. Now it seems that Mr. Collins doesn’t believe a president is required to guard highly classified documents. It seems, indeed, that Mr. Collins sees his president as a king rather than as an elected official. It makes one wonder: ‘Did our Representative give his oath of loyalty
to the president?’ If so, it is all the more tragic that a good man of principle was fired for pledging his honesty instead. Representative Collins would do well to do the same.”