Josh McCall Declares that He Will Not Accept Super PAC or Dark PAC Donations

Since 2010, when the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case, the money involved in politics has gotten darker and darker, and the amounts that corporations and unknown persons can spend on buying politicians is now unlimited.

In the third most Republican congressional district in the country, an underdog Democratic candidate, Josh McCall, pledges to take no money from Super PACs or from unknown sources. Thus far, his campaign is fueled by small donations made overwhelmingly by people who live in the 9th district.

Josh McCall, a school teacher and Sunday school teacher, believes that getting dark money out of politics is essential. “Both parties go begging for money on Wall Street. That money translates into corrupt votes. We need to lower the individual contribution to $500 for all races and tax PACs at 75%. Politicians should be persuading people, not engaging in cash wars and expensive smear campaigns. I want to work for the people in the 9th district of Georgia, not for faceless corporations.”

While Doug Collins, McCall’s opponent, has raised over half a million dollars, with over 65% coming from PACs, McCall is relying on a large volunteer base, face-to-face appearances, and small individual donations to win this office. McCall believes that the issue of campaign finance reform is one that unites people, not divides them. “According to the polls, and to the citizens I have met in the 9th District, Americans are more worried about corruption in our government than they are about terrorism.” McCall pledges “to represent the people of the 9th district and fight for this issue, as a way to stem corruption in our Capital.

Notably, McCall’s campaign is heavily backed by grassroots volunteers that believe in his message of bringing ethics and integrity back to politics. He does not use a speechwriter to put words in his mouth, and does not change his position based on the political winds of the day. “I am guided by my moral compass, which comes from my faith in Jesus and in this country. I will not take money from special interests. I will represent the people of the 9th district, and focus on their needs, not those of Super PACs made up of unknown people and corporations.”

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