9th District Dialogue: Why I Support Josh McCall by Jennifer LaRose

Hello everyone!

My name is Jennifer LaRose, and I’m the Communications Director for the “McCall for All” campaign.

I want to share why I chose to volunteer for Josh McCall.

Waking up the morning after Election Day 2016, my greatest worry was for my 2-year-old son, Logan.

You would never know it, but before Logan was 5 months old, he had been through 3 surgeries due to being born with an imperforate anus.

This means that when he was born, he didn’t have an anal opening.

The surgeries he went through gave him the opening, but couldn’t fix everything. He will struggle with bowel control his entire life.

To this day, he still requires a very high level of care in order to stay healthy. Care we could never dream of receiving without the Affordable Care Act.

In the months before the election, we heard Donald Trump campaign against the ACA, and that terrified us.

We rely on the ACA’s protections covering preexisting conditions, and we need its out-of-pocket maximum limits to make sure Logan receives the care he needs. At that point, doing nothing was no longer an option, and voting was no longer enough.

Meeting Josh

The first time I met Josh was the night he announced his campaign.

He promised to fight for people like my son, so I started fighting for Josh.

As a panelist at his Healthcare Forum in Gainesville, not only was I able to spread awareness for Logan’s condition, but it also allowed us both to emphasize why it is so important that we get healthcare right in this country with Medicare for All.

He frequently repeated his now famous saying, “Nobody should die because they are poor, and nobody should be poor because they are dying”.

Right now, Logan has a medical team that sees him regularly at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and each time we take him, there is a $40 copay.

$40 may not seem like much to some, but for a single income family of four, it’s huge. It could buy nearly two tanks of gas or cover groceries for almost a week.

Now, what else could $40 do?

$40 could buy postage and postcards to mail to voters. It could help us register voters

It could go towards more McCallForAll bumper stickers, campaign buttons, or flyers.

It could even help us reach thousands of people via social media.

So, I ask that you, in honor of Logan LaRose, please consider donating $40, or any amount you are able, to the McCall for All Campaign.

If money is tight, trust me, I get it. If you’d like to help out, consider volunteering!

Logan is a fighter. Josh is a fighter. Will you fight with us too?

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