9th District Dialogue: Why I Support Josh McCall by Marisa Pyle

Hi everyone!

My name is Marisa Pyle, and I’m the Lumpkin County field director for the McCall for All campaign.

I’m proud to work with him day after day to improve the lives of every single person in this district, because the issues at stake in November affect all of us.

Josh’s ideas are personal to me, especially his position on healthcare because, in my sophomore year of college, after months of health problems that left me unable to attend school, I was diagnosed with two serious autoimmune disorders, one that will require lifelong treatment.

My family is lucky – we have access to healthcare. But without the Affordable Care Act, I would have almost no access to the care I critically need.

These past two years have been a long list of medications, doctors’ visits, and blood tests. While the debate over the ACA repeal has raged on around me, I’ve never lost sight of how lucky I am – but also how my life and future depends critically on my continued ability to afford my medication.

Every time a new repeal effort comes to the House or Senate floor, I lose sleep at night, and every time, I’m reminded of all the people like me who live with the constant fear of losing their care, their doctors, and their lives.

If I had to pay out of pocket for my medications and my doctors visits, I would owe almost $50,000 every year. I can’t afford that. Can you? Can anyone?

Meeting Rep. Doug Collins

In March of 2017, I met with Doug Collins and looked him in the eye, begging him not to vote for a policy that could end my life.

He looked me in the eye, and lied to my face.

He told me he heard me, he told me he understood, and then he headed back to Washington and voted to repeal the very law that keeps me breathing.

This isn’t an exaggeration: if I cannot access my care and my medication, I could die. No person should be a political football, their life hanging in the balance in every congressional debate.

It’s time for healthcare to be guaranteed to every American. It’s time for Medicare for All, and Josh will fight for me and for you and for all of us to make that happen.

Meeting Josh

I first met Josh at his announcement last year, and from that night forward I was all in for his campaign.

He has framed his argument better than anyone else I’ve ever heard:

“No one should die because they are poor, and no one should be poor because they are dying”.

It’s time for change in this district. We deserve a representative who listens to his constituents, and one who acts in their best interests.

I’m already working to make sure that Josh is our next representative, because he’s proven he’ll be that person.

My question for you:

Can you commit today to donating or volunteering to help out, too?

This campaign is powered by everyday people, like me and you, who stand up for what is right and worked to make a change.

Join me and the people of GA-09 as we donate, call, write, and knock to make sure that all of us have a voice in Washington.

Will you fight with us too?

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