9th District Dialogue: Why I Support Josh McCall by Jennifer McCall

10 years ago at the beginning of the recession, I was laid off while pregnant.

Discouraged after yet another job interview, I told Josh that I wished he had known me in high school when I had wanted to be a lawyer.

He promised to support me.

On top of teaching full-time, Josh delivered pizza and worked retail. I asked if he would be embarrassed if a student saw him. He responded, “There is no shame in supporting my wife’s dreams.”

When he told me that he wanted to run in this nearly impossible district, I hesitated, but I know that Josh has the ability to connect with people and to share hope with our neighbors.

It has been my privilege to stand by him in his campaign and to see the looks on people’s faces as they discover this hidden treasure of a man.

He is truly as kind, intelligent, optimistic, and hardworking as he appears to be. I’ve dined with him with homeless people and at country club charity events. He is the same genuine person wherever he is.

The first time there were protestors at an event, my heart sank, but Josh was excited. He walked over to them, spoke to them, and invited them to his town hall meeting. By the end of the night, two out of the three protestors said that they would consider voting for him.

Josh is the smartest person I know. He taught himself Latin and Ancient Greek and then took Master’s level literature classes. He also converses in Spanish and French. When asked about the many languages he speaks, he’s always humble and says, “I just have strange hobbies.”

He also announced to me over dinner that he had fallen in love with Sanskrit. Our youngest of three daughters exclaimed, “Dad! You’re married!”

Josh is special. He truly believes in the progressive vision and ideals and is able to articulate it eloquently. He puts in the hard work and time to improve our community.
Come join us as we canvass, write postcards, phone banking, and meet our neighbors.

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